What is an ethics complaint?

An ethics complaint is a complaint filed against a company for violating one or more articles of Tradeloop's Code of Ethics

Where can I file an ethics complaint?

You can file an ethics complaint by completing the Ethics Complaint Form

Who can file ethics complaints?

Any Tradeloop Member can file an Ethics Complaint.

Who can I file an ethics complaint against?

Members may file complaints against other Members of Tradeloop and non-member of Tradeloop. (Tradeloop does not have jurisdiction over non-member. However, if a non-member is willing to abide by the Code and participate in these proceedings, the Ethics Committee, at its discretion, may process the complaint.)

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What is a "Fast Track Fraud Alert?"

If you think the Tradeloop community needs immediate notification about someone who may be trying to defraud members, you may ask the Tradeloop Ethics Committee to approve a Fast Track Fraud Alert.

Does Tradeloop hear cases that involve collections?

Tradeloop and the Ethics Committee will warn Members of problems with non-payment, but will not act as a collection agency. Your company must have shown due diligence in pursuing the debt, and must have written off the debt as uncollectable per generally accepted accounting procedures before Tradeloop will pursue the case.

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I'm being sued (or suing) the other party. Will Tradeloop still hear this case?

Tradeloop will not hear the case if one party is suing the other. However the statement "I'm suing the other party over this" cannot be used to prevent a case from being heard without written documentation to support this claim.

Once I file an ethics complaint what will happen next?

Once Tradeloop receives your complaint and all necessary documentation, the Ethics Committee will process the complaint, ask for any necessary clarifications, and then send a copy of the complaint via email to the Defendant seeking a response. The defendant then has 7 days to respond via the case blog. See How it Works for more information about our blog-based dispute resolution process.

What type of documentation do I need to support (or defend) my complaint?

You must supply a copy of any document mentioned in the complaint. Without proper documentation Tradeloop will either refuse to hear the case, or inform the committee that you refused to provide documentation to support your claims. Examples of required documents: bill of sale, purchase order, shipping receipts, pictures of damaged or wrong goods, copies of legal notices, copy of police reports.

Should I get legal representation for these cases?

The announcement of an ethics violation against your company to the Tradeloop community should be taken seriously. Most defendants are not represented by an attorney, however, it is your right to do so.

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How long does the ethics process take?

To complete the ethics process, it take approximately 2-3 weeks, depending on the case complexity.

Who are the ethics committee members and what do they do?

Tradeloop's Ethics Committee Members are Wholesale Members of Tradeloop who review and vote on ethics cases sent to them by Tradeloop.

What actions can the committee members take against the defendants of an ethics case?

When the committee members vote on a case, they have 4 options which they can choose for the defendant:

  1. Take no action.
    Tradeloop takes no action against the defendant at this time.

  2. Send a private written warning to the defendant.
    Tradeloop sends a written warning to the defendant letting them know they are in violation of Tradeloop's Ethics Code policy.

  3. Post and Broadcast the complaint to the Tradeloop community.
    Tradeloop sends a written warning to the defendant, the complaint then gets posted to the defendant's account page, posted on the Posted Ethics Cases page and also Broadcast to all Tradeloop Members.

  4. Post and Broadcast the complaint, and Ban the defendant from Tradeloop.
    Tradeloop sends a written warning to the defendant, the complaint then gets posted to the defendant's account page, posted on the Posted Ethics Cases page, Broadcast to all Tradeloop Members and Banned from Tradeloop.

How do I join the Ethics Committee and what are the requirements?

To join the Ethics Committee click here

Eligibilty & Requirements

  • Your company must have been a Wholesale Member on Tradeloop for over a year.
  • Your company cannot have any posted complaints against it.
  • You must maintain the confidentiality of ethics cases.
  • Ethics Committee Members must vote on all cases within 7 days of posting the Complaint and Response to the Committee.

What is the guideline for getting my name removed from an Ethics Case?

If the person is specifically named in the case then the name will remain posted. If the person is just an employee, and not the named party it should not. In between cases is a grey area for the Committee to discuss.Request removal inside of your Ethics Case.

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