Expectations of All Committee Members

Every committee member alike is expected to abide by the following responsibilities, but read more below about each Committee's role and individual responsibilities.

  • Confidentiality: All committee members are bound by confidentiality for the protection of all parties involved.
  • Objectivity: To remain objective in all discussions and to provide a fair chance for all parties, community member or not.
  • Participation: Remain an active participant at all times while holding a committee position.
  • Ethics: Maintain strong ethics and integrity as a leader in our community.

Ethics Committee

Our Ethics Committee handles any and all claimed violations of Tradeloop's Code of Ethics.

  • Ensure Tradeloop Members are following the Code of Ethics.
  • Help resolve disputes between members.
  • Decide sanctions, if any, when Ethics code is violated.
  • Respond, vote and react to all issues in a timely manner.

Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee helps determine membership qualifications, monitor membership issues within the community and review incoming membership applicants.

  • Help enforce membership rules.
  • Set membership qualifications for high risk areas.
  • Monitor, flag and approve members.
  • Sounding board for membership issues.

See detailed list here

Extended Committee

An extension of both committees designed to add value to both Ethics and Advisory Committee discussions. Active particpants will be elected to join either committee.

  • Understand the Code of Ethics and process.
  • Review Ethics and Advisory cases.
  • Add value to discussions on membership issues under the Advisory Committee.
  • Add value to discussions on Ethics standards and issues under the Ethics Committee.

Read more here:

Code of Ethics

Ethics Process

Expanded Roles & Responsibilities of Advisory Committee