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  • Filed 2012-Oct-19
  • Last Modified 2013-Oct-23
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  • Filed 2012-Jul-31
  • Last Modified 2012-Aug-01
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  • Filed 2012-Jun-12
  • Last Modified 2012-Jun-12
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Change approved by both Ethics Chair and Vice Chair, moved this case to Non- Member cases so it can be viewed by community.
  • Filed 2012-Jan-27
  • Last Modified 2012-Jan-30
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  • Claimant: Thinc I.T. Ltd
  • Respondent: not specified
Opening up discussion about new Block feature on Tradeloop.
  • Filed 2011-Sep-13
  • Last Modified 2011-Sep-13
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Notifying Committees that our New Trade References System is Live
  • Filed 2011-Jun-07
  • Last Modified 2011-Jun-07
  • Returns dispute (restocking fees, shipping damage, etc)
Discussion about bad debt / out of business companies.
  • Filed 2011-May-11
  • Last Modified 2011-May-11
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  • Claimant: Tradeloop Corporation
  • Respondent: not specified
Discussion about new things we've added for our Membership Committee
  • Filed 2011-May-05
  • Last Modified 2011-May-05
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  • Claimant: Computer Trends Canada Inc.
  • Respondent: not specified
Started discussion with Membership Committee and Member
  • Filed 2011-Apr-13
  • Last Modified 2011-Apr-13
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Question from Committee member about the acceptance of free domains for accounts. 
  • Filed 2009-Apr-29
  • Last Modified 2009-Apr-29