Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Application Process work?

Organizations applying for Membership are first placed in a "pending" status, only visible to Tradeloop, while we verify their identity. This can take a couple of days if we need to collect additional documents or information. Once verified, the company becomes an "Applicant" and a "Membership Review" is started so the Advisory Committee (AC) can review the information and ask questions. The Applicant is granted full site access. After a waiting period to ensure there are no issues or complaints, unless the Advisory Committee has objections, the Membership is granted.

Who is the Advisory Committee?

The AC is a volunteer committee who establishes rules and standards, reviews new Applicants, and looks into existing members who have been flagged by the community. Read more about the Advisory Committee.

What additional questions will the Advisory Committee have?

The AC will look at your TradeRisk Report and may question anything there.

How long does this process take?

The waiting period for Applicants is typically six months. However if you petition the AC they can approve your membership sooner. They typically do so for companies who are well known, who provide complete verification information, who demonstrate commitment by paying a year in advance, or who are returning Members.

Our Advisory Committee sometimes specifically requests Applicants, especially those located in high risk regions where fraud is prevalent, wait for the full six months. This is done for the safety of the community.

Are Applicants able to Broadcast?

Yes, Applicants are provided full access to all "Members-Only" features, but only after being validated and approved by Tradeloop. At any given time Tradeloop is trying to verify a number of "Pending" account, who have not been approved as Applicants, nor been shown to the AC. Frequently new paying accounts are rejected before they reach "Applicant" status, because they can't be validated.

I use a gmail address because I don't want my inbox flooded with email. Why do you want me to change it?

Companies using free email account are a high risk factor. During the Application process you may be required to provide a corporate address. Once you are a Member you will be able to add a verified free email to your account if you would like.

What a hassle. Other sites let me in with just a credit card. Why do you do all this?

Tradeloop is not just a subscription website, we are a Membership organization; a community. We take the safety of our community very seriously. We have the tightest verification in the industry, to keep you and all of our dealers safe. Ethics, verification, and providing a safe trading environment is what we are all about.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us